Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

We went to Sierra Vista for Christmas with Jan's family. Christmas Eve all the family there got together for dinner and a then a short program. Last time Cooper and Hunter were the angels, notice this year they were shepherds, probably more appropriate.

Christmas morning we opened presents with Jan's parents and Uncle Ron. Cooper wanted this game so badly when he saw it in the store.

The rest of Christmas Day was spent visiting families and seeing what everyone got, and all together again for Christmas dinner. We all had a wonderful Christmas and are so glad we got to spend it with family and we are so glad we made it home without Jan delivering on the Freeway!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Us again...

So last Sunday, I had to go to a youth fireside and when I came home, Flint and Cooper we putting up the Christmas Tree. They had started to put away the fall decorations and even did some dusting! I have the best husband and kid ever! Cooper is so excited for Christmas. He was so happy when I told him that he could get more then one present!

This is Flint at our 1st delivery and hospital orientation class. He was so excited to go! It really wasn't has bad as either of us thought. We were prepared for it to be like the scene in the movie "Baby Mama" we were almost disappointed. Our teacher was very normal and nice. I am a little freaked out at this whole labor thing! I'm a WIMP and I know it...its not gonna be pretty!

So the other morning I was putting my mascara on and I hear this click, click. So I turn around and my SWEET husband is standing about a foot away with his WIDE angle lens on his camera...I say ( a few words left out) "what are you doing?" he is laughing and says, "lets take some pictures of you" I say "You should never aim that camera at me with your super wide angle lens on...get away!" He couldn't understand why I was not going along with his plan...He tried to tell me it was just the last lens that he had used at his last shoot...Well I don't care, I am only 5 weeks away from delivery and don't think that he is very FUNNY! He thought he was so funny! I told him he could take two pictures and that was it, IF he took that lens OFF! So here is a picture of me at almost 35 weeks. (with a normal lens!)

Monday, November 24, 2008

I have the best calling!!!

I love my calling as Mia Maids advisor! We have the best YW in our ward. They are always so much fun to be around.
I must say, I was a little disappointed ( a lot disappointed) when a year ago I got this calling, because I have had it before and DIDN'T like it at all. These girls make it so fun.

Last week for our activity we decided to watch a church movie and have s'mores in our backyard. We watched "The Award" It was so funny to me to watch this movie that was obviously made in the 80's. The girls laughed and laughed at their hair and clothes. I was like...wow am I ever OLD. This is how I used to dress in High School.
I cant believe I am closer to 40 then 30!!! Strange I don't feel this old (most days).

Here are some pics of the girls. We have 20 Mia Maids, but it was band concert practice night, so we only had about 10 girls. You can tell Cooper loves it when they come over. He thinks its a party for HIM.

Thanks Flint for putting up the screen and all the equipment for the movie and for your fire skills. The girls had a great time! AND no one junped in the pool!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
We are going to Thatcher for 2 days to have Thanksgiving with the Rogers at Isaac and Jenny's house. (Flint's brother) Cooper is excited to play with his cousins. We get the best of both worlds going to Thatcher, because we get to stay with my sister and see Flint's family too. We are sad we don't get to stay for the weekend, as Flint has weddings on Friday and Saturday...its okay, I gotta finish my shopping on Friday! I had a goal to have Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving, but it didn't happen.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today I went to the Dr. for my 30 week visit. He said all was going great. I found out that my glucose test was fine and so was my iron. YIPEE...no extra iron pills and no SUGAR FREE FOR ME!!! just kidding I usually eat sugar free anyway, thanks to all my months at weight watchers. He said my weight gain was also good, I was glad to hear him say that! I would have been very depressed if he told me to not gain too much weight my last 10 weeks! I HAVE to have pie on Thanksgiving (several pieces) and treats at Christmas! I put a pound limit on myself though, so I don't get too out of control!
I am praying that I don't swell up like a stuffed pig the last few weeks! This is my BIGGEST fear! So far I have no swelling. Well except for my NOSE. At the rate my nose is growing, I'm gonna get stretch marks on it! I will have to have Flint take a picture of me at 30 weeks and post it, so ya'll can have a good laugh at my large nose! Whoever heard of a nose swelling anyway? I feel like it has grown more then my stomach has!

We also did a 3D ultrasound...talk about a little freaky. Here are some semi-disturbing photos and a video clip. I loved having the 3D thing done, but it was just a little strange to me. I just can't believe that there is a real human inside of me. I keep waiting to be woke up from this weird dream. Nope its real, I saw her today and feel her move all the time.
During the ultrasound, she would not move her foot away from her face, at one point, she had both feet on her forehead. She is Flint's daughter (part monkey), pretty sure I cant touch my foot to my forehead! She also opened one eye and her mouth, it looked so strange to me.
I can't wait to really get to see her and hold her!

Here is the video


It was more like Halloween WEEK, a party on Tuesday at school, Trunk or Treat on Wednesday, and finally trick or treating on Friday!

Cooper came home from pre-school with this spider hat, the funny glasses and the green tinted fangs! He thought he was so scarry looking!

The ghost and the pirate!!!
Cooper and Crew at the ward 'trunk or treat' party. They got so much candy so fast!

Cooper with his pumpkins on Halloween night!
He agreed with me that he had a TON of candy from the ward trunk or treat party and so he helped me pass out candy to all the neighborhood kids. He loved seeing and watching all the kids costumes. He only went trick or treating to the neighbors.
Cooper and I were a little sad on Halloween night because Flint had a WEDDING...who gets married on Halloween anyway??

Monday, October 13, 2008


So we are on our way home from church and I was trying to be a good mom, so I asked Cooper
"What did you learn in primary?"
He responds "i don't know"
I say "well what does your head band say?" ( he was wearing a headband that said "I can be HONEST")
He says "we learned about being honest"
I asked him "what does that mean?"
He says" we don't take things that aren't ours"
I say "what else did you learn?'
I could not believe that he actually had the nerve to say this to me!
I was floored!! I looked at Flint and he is laughing, shaking his head...
I didn't respond. I'm in so much trouble when he is a teenager!
I wanted to laugh so hard, but I was so shocked, seriously, where does he come up with these things?
He leaves me speechless...he amazes me...

So speaking of AMAZING...
Here is a picture of Cooper riding his bike without training wheels.
love that smile
Flint took them off on Saturday morning and he had bike riding down pat in just a few minutes. Well, all except the stopping, he thought that using parked cars on the side of the road was the best thing to use to stop him. Flint had to tell him the neighbors probably wouldn't think it was a good idea! His first big adventure was to ride to the LeSueurs house. (about 6 houses away) He made it all by himself! Becca told him that he was a professional bike rider, he believed her, and now tells everyone he is a 'professional no training wheel bike rider', do you wanna see? So he has shown everyone that has come over his new skill.

Here is Bryna and Tyler riding with him on Sunday. (Tyler really liked riding my pink bike.)
I missed getting a picture of Uncle Sam and Tyler riding my pink beach cruiser bike. I was laughing so hard watching them ride my bike...They looked so ridicules!
I'm sure that I look as ridicules as they do riding my bike, but I love my bike!!!
I love Cooper, my life would be so boring without him!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's about time...

Okay, so it has been awhile since I have last blogged. So I will play catch-up.
Cooper started pre-school at the elementary school. He goes three days a week and loves it. I love it! He thinks all the kids are great and wishes that it lasted longer. I am so amazed at what he has learned. He can write his name...I didn't say perfectly...(I'm afraid he has handwriting like Flint's) He can spell several colors and can tell you the 'Little Jack Horner sat in the corner...'nursery rhyme. He LOVES to color. This is so amazing to us, because last school year he hated crafts and coloring at pre-school. Now He will sit and color for a long time. He is almost a coloring freak. Here are some pictures of him on the 1st day of pre-school.

Why does he ALWAYS have to make weird faces when I try to take a picture?

Last Sunday was our Primary Program. We taught Cooper his part and he was all prepped and ready to say it...Well they put his class on little chairs up on the stand (in front of the permanent chairs) Just perfect to hang over the edge of the stand. Which he did when he wasn't standing ON his chair waving to us in the audience. I was mortified that it was my kid standing up there on his chair waving, mouthing HI MOM, HI DAD!!! I wanted to die! He did this many times during the longest hour of sacrament meeting of my life!!! I realized that the reason that he kept getting up on his chair was because he couldn't see us very good if he was sitting in his chair, lesson for me...sit where your child can see you or he WILL stand on his chair and embarrass you!!! He was so wiggly up there I wanted to DIE. He is my good little boy Right? So anyway he says his part, but before he says it he covers his eyes so he couldn't see the audience and says loudly into the microphone "Keep Still" the audience all laughs because the kid that keeps standing on his chair has the part...keep still. I told our Primary Pres. that shes not funny giving Cooper that part. I think she was hoping that maybe he would sit still! Didn't work!!!

Oh the best part...after his class finished their parts Cooper once again gets up on his chair and looks right at us and gives us two thumbs up! I ducked down I was so mad at his at this point I seriously wanted to cry.

We had a lesson on how we act in church last Sunday night.

Okay enough of the Cooper antics.

We are starting to get one of the extra bedrooms ready for our baby girl... I am so excited. I didn't realize there were so many choices. For Cooper (boys) we had three choices...sports, bugs or trucks...for girls, wow I was so overwhelmed with all the choices.
I didn't want to be limited to just pink or just pink and another color, so I found the bed skit and was a little worried that I would be stuck with pink and green, then I found this curtain and decided that it would be perfect. I love yellow and was so glad that I would work it in...so here is a picture of Flint painting her room.

Here it is with the curtain and boarder up. (the coloring is more accurate on the 1st picture, but not really the true color either...I'm too lazy to fix the coloring...

We still have to finish the baseboards and the crown molding and of course accessorize it..

I'm so glad to have this project mostly done...Flint started his super busy wedding season from October to January and I wanted to have this done before I had to do it by myself, because I'm not good at this painting, nailing stuff...THANKS FLINT for all you have done, you are the bestest!!!I love you!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


We had a great time at the cabin for Labor Day. It was a great reunion. There was over 70 of us there!!!
We only had Brittney missing because she was on a mission (she comes home in a few weeks and I can't wait! Allison & Landon and Kade weren't there because Allison had her baby!!)
We went up on Wednesday, but most people came up on Friday or Saturday morning.
Cooper had a blast playing with his cousins. He keeps asking when he gets to see Hunter and Carly again.
He told me that he wants to move to Thatcher, he thinks that is were all his cousins live, because he LOVES the Allreds so much, little does he know most of them live in Sierra Vista. I am so jealous most of my family lives in S.V. and I DON'T!!! And it makes matters worse now that you have started BUNKO!!! NOT FAIR!!!
I didn't taken very many pictures until the last day...that seems to be my norm...
Click to play Labor Day 2008
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Youth Conference

On Friday I left to go to our ward youth conference. We had it at Camp Lo Mia. (our girls camp in Pine) It was an awesome experience. I really didn't want to go. I had a long list of reasons why I shouldn't be going (distance to the closest bathroom in the middle of the night being my greatest fear!), but I knew I needed to go so I went...I'm so glad I did. These kids in our ward are stinkin amazing.
The theme was 'A Sure Foundation' and we used Helaman 5:12 as the scripture. We even memorized it to a song! Wish you all could hear me sing it!!! ( We also learned to Salsa dance so I will be sing and dancing in no time!!!) I sing as well as I dance!
Our keynote speaker was my brother in-law Tracy's cousin that is an institute instructor and a speaker for EFY. He was super. One thing that he talked on is how the Lord works miracles in our lives. He taught us that miracles happen everyday and we don't ever notice them or thank Heavenly Father for them. I never really thought that a miracle can be as simple as a change of heart to something that can be physically seen... I really appreciated it because I feel like us having a baby is a miracle!!!

Another one of my FAVORITE things from conference was this little movie that was shown in one of the mini-classes. I really, really liked it, so here is a link to the movie (it's only about 2 minutes long) It is called 'The Dash' you should watch it, it really made me think about what is really important in life... http://www.thedashmovie.com/ tell me what you think of it!

Here is a group picture (some of the cars had already left so some of the kids are missing) We had about 100 14-18 year old boys and girls there!!!) Can you say hormones!!

These are some of my Mia Maids...nice skunk hair Kimee!
By the way, now that we know we are having a girl, we need some name ideas, so lets hear them!!! Just don't give me names that you want to use if you are in my family...or I just might want to steal it!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

It's going to be a girl!!!

We had the ultrasound today and guess what...

It's a girl!!!

Jan usually does the posting on the blog, but she went to youth conference this weekend so I'm (Flint) doing this post for those waiting to hear.

Friday, August 15, 2008

We had a great time in Colorado! It was fun hanging out with Isaac, Jenny and kids and the Luna Family before the reunion. We did a rafting tour on the Animas River. It was fun...all until Jenny had to pull me back into the raft and all I could do was laugh and not even help my self. I landed on my face in the bottom of the raft. I KNOW it was GRACEFUL! Guess what... we don't have a picture of it! LAME!!! We look forward to going to Colorado every year.

The Jack reunion was so fun. I am a picture retard...I didn't take one picture once everyone got there. (The reunion was where we were camped) We played in the river, played "do you know Jack"...Lynn did a great job making up the game. It was fun. It was great to see everyone!!! The Luna's were in charge and did a great job. There was fun for everyone!!! Can't wait until next year.

Click to play Colorado 2008
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summers are for RELAXING????

Every time summer comes Flint and I get excited because business slows down and we get to relax and hang out....WRONG!!! We are still waiting for time to relax and just hang out. We have had a busy summer. I can't believe it is almost August. I haven't even found a pre-school for Cooper for next year! Its time to panic.
Let's catch up...
The last week of June we GOT to go to 4th year girls camp. It was so much fun. I even survived sleeping in a tent for 2 nights and no shower! NASTY! There were about 45 girls (15 year olds)and 5 couples. The couples that went were awesome and the girls amaze me. They are so talented and good. I loved that Flint got to go with me. The girls loved Flint. He was a favorite, because he played right along with them. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't do all the activities because I'm pregnant. No Zip line, No horse back riding, no swinging into the lake etc...Flint however pushed the girls on the rope, raced them on the zip line, rode horses with them and played like a kid. I had to remind him several times that he was the ADULT. We had a great time.
This is our group...the PINK team. These are girls from various wards in the stake...none of my mia maids got to be in our group!

The day after we got home form girls camp we went to Sierra Vista for the 4th of July. Sierra Vista has the best fireworks. We love to go there and see all the family and friends and enjoy the not so HOT weather. Cooper LOVED the cannons that went off before the fireworks. He said he need sunglasses for the fireworks because they are so bright. He also loved the loud noise. He is such a BOY!
Us in Mom and Dad's backyard, before the ward breakfast!
Ron with Mike and Brenda
Cooper with Grandma and Grandpa waiting for the fireworks to start.

Us...we look pretty pathetic in this pic...
Since the 4th we had my nephew-Austins wedding. so we spent a few days in Thatcher for the reception. Cooper thinks that Thatcher is the best place on earth. He gets to see Lindsey, Uncle Ron and Joy...his favorite cousins and favorite uncle.
We have had lots of visits from family and love when they come to see us.
So, this pretty much sums up our month so far.
This week I go to the Dr. for another visit. I have my hopes up that he will do an ultrasound and tell me what we are having, but I've been told it's too early...I don't believe it, I know people who have found out at 15 weeks!

Cooper is positive I am having a boy. And even has several name picked out---Scooby Do and Shaggy are his top two. Flint said that if our baby is BALD (all Haymore babies are bald aren't they????) I can name it whatever I want, but that him and Cooper are going to call it Shaggy! See what I have to deal with...Cooper learned that Shaggy's real name is Norville. He said that we can name him Norville and call him Shaggy! What a smart kid...not happening!!!
Right after the Dr. appointment we leave for Colorado for about 12 days. I'm excited to go. I can't wait to get to wear a sweatshirt....hard to imagine when it is 110 here! I'm a little nervous about sleeping in the camper trailer for 11 nights...good thing it has a great bed! We will have to see how that goes!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


...So I kept feeling funny, like the flu wouldn't go away...
I kept complaining to my friend Darcy, after a few weeks of my complaining, she said "Jan could you be pregnant?" I told her she was crazy.........but after her comment, I couldn't stop thinking about it...so we did a test and much to our surprise...it was POSITIVE!!!!!
Yes positive!
So we are having a BABY!

I have had two ultrasounds (the Dr. didn't believe it either) We saw our little gummy bear and everything is going great.
Today I went to the Dr. for my 12 week appt. and heard the heartbeat again, and I still don't really believe it! Flint and I are super excited and still in disbelief.

I've realized that we are not totally in control of our lives. The Lord has his hand in all things. Flint and I have accepted how we thought our lives would be and have gone forward living our lives, and just when we get comfortable with how things are going and life gets "easy" things change. We are here to learn and grow right? I've also re-learned that heavenly Father has a sense of humor!
We're having a baby!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Camping Trip...New Truck

I am so lame...all I ever blog about is our trips...so here we go again...

We went camping with Dale & Amanda and kids and Sam & Sarah and Will. It was a lot of fun. We camped between Mormon Lake (swamp hole) and Lake Mary (just outside of Flagstaff) It was super cold at night and pretty warm during the day! I was thankful for our camper.

We went kayaking on Lake Mary several times. Lets just say that I need some more practice rowing. I can go in a mean circle!!!

We had dinner at Black Barts in Flagstaff...this is where Aunt Sarah used to work.

This is our family self portrait at Black Barts! Cooper loves his picture taken. We told him to smile big and this is what we got!!! My Angel!

Cooper had tons of fun playing with Joy. Those two make me laugh...They loved the tree swing that Flint and Dale made. It made me nervous to watch how high Flint swung those kids. They also loved to ride their bikes down the hill going what seemed like 55 mph...luckily no one was injured...but the training wheels are almost all burned off!

We all had a great time at the Deer Farm (by Williams) It was hilarious how the deer would just try to eat your shirt if you didn't give them food. They also like to bite your rear or in Dales case he nearly lost a nipple!!! The kids LOVED it and we all had a good laugh. I learned that Flint is very scared of reindeer. This huge (fenced in) reindeer snorted at Flint and he jumped so fast he nearly fell down. I had a stomach ache from laughing so hard. (either from laughing or the smell I'm not sure which)

It was a great time, and nice to just relax and not have phone service for a few days...I wish I would have taken more pictures...

AFTER we got home, Flint decided that he NEEDED to buy a new truck. Actually he has been drooling and wishing for over a year...He finally found what he wanted. He has not stopped smiling YET! He is in love. (In case you couldn't tell by the picture)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tagged From Kara!

Okay...so I have to quit my blogging strike! I have no good excuse for my delinquency, except...I'm busy! Just not sure what I am busy doing....

Kara tagged me and so now I get to tell ya'll 7 reasons why I love Cooper

( I could do a 100)

1. I love his SMILE. He makes ME smile every day!
(this picture was taken last weekend in Holbrook at Maki's wedding)

2. I love it when he falls asleep in the red chair, two seconds after telling me that he's NOT tired!!! oh I also love his long eyelashes.

3. I love that he has no sense of style, and doesn't care what other people think, I mean if he did care, he surely wouldn't wear these boots to the grocery store, riding his bike all over the neighborhood, to our friends house, etc...I did have to put my foot down and not let him wear these to church!

4. I love that last night he tried to steal silk flowers out of Sam and Sarah's bathroom for me for Mothers Day! He came home and told me "Mom I wanted to get you pretty flowers for Mothers Day and Daddy said NO!"

5. I love that he rhymes all his words...at least I'm trying to not get annoyed by it. I'm trying to love it anyway...

6. I LOVE that he loves his Dad! Okay I actually get jealous.

7. I love that he is ours forever...
This is him at the Temple when get he got sealed to us.

Okay I tag Sarah Rogers, Alexys, Suzette, DeAnn, and Allison

Friday, March 14, 2008


Okay...so I hate Rocky Point. I associate it with vomiting and diarrhea. Now that sounds like a great vacation!!!
I would much rather go to San Diego...at least you can drink the water there and go to the ER if you need...

I have managed to talk Flint out of going for several years...but I lost this battle with Flint and so off we went to Mexico.

I have to take back MOST (but not all) of my complaints. We had a really good time. Maybe it was the company we had...Isaac and Jenny (and friends) were a lot of fun. We took my nieces, Lindsey and Shanna. Cooper was in heaven with those two around.

I forgot to take pictures except for the last day that we were there. So here are a few...

Cooper playing at the beach

Our family picture...

This is our trailer. We camped so close to the beach. It was awesome.

Cooper and Flint looking for shells while the tide was out.

Shanna, Lindsey, and I going to look for sand dollars

Shanna with her cute braids

We searched and searched for sand dollars at Cholla Bay. All we found were sand quarters...

This is what Flint looks like after he flipped his 4-wheeeler going about 45 miles per hour. He pretty much totaled his bike. Good thing he has nine lives...too bad he is like number 8!!!

He actually looks a lot worse now, because all the bruising.
Anyway, we had a great time. We are looking forward to going again soon.