Friday, February 22, 2008

San Diego!!!

Our wedding this weekend cancelled so we decided to load up the camper and go to San Diego.

We found an RV park right on the beach at Mission Bay.

This is the beach where we are camped. Flint & Cooper worked hard to spell Cooper's name in the sand. Too bad the tide is going to erase it in a few minutes!!!

It is kind of cold and stormy today, so kite flying was the perfect activity. Cooper's is of course Spiderman and Flint's is an alligator. The ducks and seagulls are not afraid of the people...the people are however afraid of them!!!

This is us at the aquarium in La Jolla...way cool.

Cooper's favorite sea life were the sharks and the octopus! This octopus was huge and ugly.

This was the COOLEST ever. All those brown dots behind Cooper and Flint are seals...about 50 of them!!! (This is the best place to swim with seals, last time we came here Flint and my niece Brittney got in the water and swam with them. It is in La Jolla)

Cooper loved watching the huge waves crash on the rocks.

Cooper and me on the carousel at Seaport Village.
So now ya'll are caught up on our last two days! To bad we have to come home in a few days!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A laugh a day...

Funny story of the day
Okay so today Isaac and Jenny are in town and Sam and Sarah were here and we were all eating Sunday dinner. I tell Cooper to say the pledge of Alegience that he learned in Mommy school. So he starts saying it...he says the whole thing word for word (Flint and I were so proud) and ends with...with liberty and justice for all--in the name of Jesus Christ amen!!!! I about died laughing! I'm laughing right now. I love being a Mom. Cooper makes me laugh everyday!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Where's Waldo?

Okay, so I am now the Mia Maids Advisor... there are 22 girls in just Mia Maids!!!Insane!

So last Wednesday night the Teachers and the Mia Maids played--
Where is Waldo at the Walmart? (who ever thinks of this crap?)
Well guess who was Waldo!!! Yep Flint and I!!!
We are such suckers. There were actually five of us that they had to find. It was so halarious...until we got kicked out. So here are some sweet pictures of us.