Sunday, November 4, 2007

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We has a super fun Halloween WEEK. I was ready for the Superman costume to go away by the time Halloween got here. For pre-school on the Tuesday before Halloween we went to the City of Mesa Halloween carnival. That is when Cooper decided that he would not wear the mask, after not even bribing worked, we did the face paint. I'm glad Flint was around to do it, I have no idea what Superman's face looks like.
On Halloween day Flint's parents decided to come to town for a visit. We carved pumpkins with them. Grandpa's was the "baddest" according to even had eyebrows!!! We took Cooper trick or treating to just the house closest to us. He thought it was the coolest thing that people would give him candy. Then we came back to our house and gave out candy. Cooper loved to see all the kids and their costumes. We gave way over $20 of candy by 7:30. We ran out...who knew so many kids...
Hope ya'll had a fun one!
oh, the two MONSTERS (holding Cooper)are Rachel and Kacey. They are Flint's assistants and came to work dressed as Sully and Mike Wazowshi. They rule!