Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mia Maids and toilet paper!

Did you ever wonder what eight 15 year old could do with a few rolls of toilet paper and some tape...besides "decorate" a house? Well I happen to know a few talented and creative girls. Here is what they came up with. The only instructions that I gave them was that it had to be modest! Thanks Flint for being a great sport and taking some pictures!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Soccer, Birthday, and Ultrasound

Cooper had his 1st soccer game last Saturday. It was pretty funny to watch. I think that it is absolutely hilarious that the name of his team is the TORNADOS! That is EXACTLY what they looked like running down the field. Cooper loves playing and THINKS that he is the greatest player ever! Lets just say that he really needs some practice!

On January 21st was Arlee's 1st birthday! My baby is one! I realized something on her birthday...Why is she the one getting all the presents??? I was the one who delivered her! I now think that MOMS should get a present or two on EVERY child's birthday!

Arlee and Brittney share the same birthday! We absolutely love our Brittney. She is so fun...and amusing to have around! She has to live near us FOREVER!

My Arlee bug

Right before she tried to grab the burning candle!

She loved the CHOCOLATE cake!

You can't really tell in the picture, but she even had cake in her ear!

I had an ultrasound last is one of the pictures. My FAVORITE part is hearing the heartbeat. It just does something to me...The nurse said "IT" is just less than 3 inches long from head to rump. WOW have we ever got a lot of growing to to do!
Only about 4-5 more weeks until we can find out what "IT" is! This "IT" stuff makes me crazy!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Christmas morning was fun. It was our 1st Christmas at home with the kids. My parents were here and so was Ron. It was so FUN having them here!
Cooper helped Arlee open EVERY present, because she just was not fast enough for him!
Arlee on her walker from SANTA. She actually HATES it when it is a walker. She has no intentions on walking anytime soon! She LOVES so sit on it as a scooter!
Arlee LOVES to swing outside. She laughs so hard the whole time. I love it!
The week before Christmas Isaac and Jenny came and stayed with us. It was a lot of fun. Cooper was in heaven having his cousins here to play with him. They got bored one afternoon, so Flint and I built them a "city" in the backyard. It worked out PERFECT for ME! They watched a movie in the monkey bar dome and didn't bug for 1 1/2 HOURS!
Arlee is in love with the fireplace. She seems to have a fetish with the ashes. I must not be a very good cook, because she LOVES to eat the ashes!
Ash face Arlee!!!
Cooper is learning to read and Arlee loves to look at books. I LOVE it when he reads to her. BUT It usually turns into nonstop yelling by Cooper "Arlee stop grabbing the book"
I told Cooper to pick up EVERYTHING off the family room floor and this is what he does!
Roasting marshmallows in the fireplace. No wonder my kids love their dad more than ME!!!
Guess who lost his 1st tooth!