Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summers are for RELAXING????

Every time summer comes Flint and I get excited because business slows down and we get to relax and hang out....WRONG!!! We are still waiting for time to relax and just hang out. We have had a busy summer. I can't believe it is almost August. I haven't even found a pre-school for Cooper for next year! Its time to panic.
Let's catch up...
The last week of June we GOT to go to 4th year girls camp. It was so much fun. I even survived sleeping in a tent for 2 nights and no shower! NASTY! There were about 45 girls (15 year olds)and 5 couples. The couples that went were awesome and the girls amaze me. They are so talented and good. I loved that Flint got to go with me. The girls loved Flint. He was a favorite, because he played right along with them. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't do all the activities because I'm pregnant. No Zip line, No horse back riding, no swinging into the lake etc...Flint however pushed the girls on the rope, raced them on the zip line, rode horses with them and played like a kid. I had to remind him several times that he was the ADULT. We had a great time.
This is our group...the PINK team. These are girls from various wards in the stake...none of my mia maids got to be in our group!

The day after we got home form girls camp we went to Sierra Vista for the 4th of July. Sierra Vista has the best fireworks. We love to go there and see all the family and friends and enjoy the not so HOT weather. Cooper LOVED the cannons that went off before the fireworks. He said he need sunglasses for the fireworks because they are so bright. He also loved the loud noise. He is such a BOY!
Us in Mom and Dad's backyard, before the ward breakfast!
Ron with Mike and Brenda
Cooper with Grandma and Grandpa waiting for the fireworks to start.

Us...we look pretty pathetic in this pic...
Since the 4th we had my nephew-Austins wedding. so we spent a few days in Thatcher for the reception. Cooper thinks that Thatcher is the best place on earth. He gets to see Lindsey, Uncle Ron and Joy...his favorite cousins and favorite uncle.
We have had lots of visits from family and love when they come to see us.
So, this pretty much sums up our month so far.
This week I go to the Dr. for another visit. I have my hopes up that he will do an ultrasound and tell me what we are having, but I've been told it's too early...I don't believe it, I know people who have found out at 15 weeks!

Cooper is positive I am having a boy. And even has several name picked out---Scooby Do and Shaggy are his top two. Flint said that if our baby is BALD (all Haymore babies are bald aren't they????) I can name it whatever I want, but that him and Cooper are going to call it Shaggy! See what I have to deal with...Cooper learned that Shaggy's real name is Norville. He said that we can name him Norville and call him Shaggy! What a smart kid...not happening!!!
Right after the Dr. appointment we leave for Colorado for about 12 days. I'm excited to go. I can't wait to get to wear a sweatshirt....hard to imagine when it is 110 here! I'm a little nervous about sleeping in the camper trailer for 11 nights...good thing it has a great bed! We will have to see how that goes!!!