Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tagged From Kara! I have to quit my blogging strike! I have no good excuse for my delinquency, except...I'm busy! Just not sure what I am busy doing....

Kara tagged me and so now I get to tell ya'll 7 reasons why I love Cooper

( I could do a 100)

1. I love his SMILE. He makes ME smile every day!
(this picture was taken last weekend in Holbrook at Maki's wedding)

2. I love it when he falls asleep in the red chair, two seconds after telling me that he's NOT tired!!! oh I also love his long eyelashes.

3. I love that he has no sense of style, and doesn't care what other people think, I mean if he did care, he surely wouldn't wear these boots to the grocery store, riding his bike all over the neighborhood, to our friends house, etc...I did have to put my foot down and not let him wear these to church!

4. I love that last night he tried to steal silk flowers out of Sam and Sarah's bathroom for me for Mothers Day! He came home and told me "Mom I wanted to get you pretty flowers for Mothers Day and Daddy said NO!"

5. I love that he rhymes all his least I'm trying to not get annoyed by it. I'm trying to love it anyway...

6. I LOVE that he loves his Dad! Okay I actually get jealous.

7. I love that he is ours forever...
This is him at the Temple when get he got sealed to us.

Okay I tag Sarah Rogers, Alexys, Suzette, DeAnn, and Allison