Monday, May 25, 2009

Arlee is 4 months old

Arlee is 4 months old.  We took some  pictures of her while we were in Thatcher last week.  I can't believe how big she is getting.  I LOVE that she smiles with her mouth WIDE open most of the time.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Cooper before he was bribed with a snow cone and after the bribe!!!
(can you tell that Flint and I yelled at him" TURN YOUR HEAD AND SMILE AT ME NOW!)

Major Catching up...hope you have a few minutes!

Matt Whatcott turned 40!!!

Flint, Me and Arlee
Lisa and Spencer
If Darcy would have held still for a second, I would have gotten a picture of her and Matt together!
When did I get old enough to have friends that are turning 40???

Cooper got to take something for show and tell on his birthday at school.  I asked him if he was going to take his new skate board.  He said NO!  I want to take ARLEE!  So I let him!  I cried when he stood up there and said "this is my baby sister,  if you talk to her she will smile and laugh!"  He was such a proud big brother!

Cooper and Arlee playing on the swing set!
Cooper got into the play pen with Arlee!  When I went in there, they were just taking way to each other!

We just spent 7 fun days in Thatcher with our family! Cooper had the time of his life...his motto while we were there was "so many people, so little time" He wanted to spend all his time with his cousin Joy, his cousin Lindsey, his cousins Callie and Gavin...he wanted to ride horses with Brittney and Austin, He wanted to go back to Paige's house and "un-bury her dolls", he wanted to play with Joby...he seriously would cry at night because he didn't get to do everything he wanted to do in a day! He thinks that THATCHER is the best place on EARTH! Most of his favorite people live there!
We went to my nephew Heath and Shannel's wedding reception on Saturday night and the played with the Rogers cousins on Sunday. It was a fun day. On Monday-Wednesday, Flint and I worked at Jenny's dance studio and took pictures of about 250 dancers! It was good times! Flint is so patient with these obsessive parents that have a gallon of make-up on their 5 year olds face and a can of hair spray in their hair! (much like most of his brides) hahah It is always fun to get out of Mesa and do something different for a change! We love going down and taking these pictures. Flint is gonna put some on his blog in the next few days.
On Thursday afternoon we went over to our old friends house and hung out with the Walkers. We miss Bracken and Kristen not living in Mesa. We had a ton of great times with them back when we didn't have kids and now they have 3 and us 2! Times have sure changed!
On Friday Flint left to come home for weddings on Friday and Saturday and I stayed to go to 
Lindsey's HS graduation!
Cooper was so tired!
Shanna came home with me on Saturday morning.
I am so glad to be home and start our summer!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cooper's 5th birthday!

Cooper had his 1st real "friend" party this year. We rented out JUMP AND SHOUT it was a ton of fun and so worth it...all I had to do was show up! Here are some pictures from his big day.
We missed Grandma and Grandpa Haymore, they have been able to be at all of his other birthdays!
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Nothing is better than the laughter of children!

We had just gotten home form Costco and put Arlee on the floor, and this is what we hear when we come back into the house! I LOVE that Cooper and Arlee love each other! I have the BEST kids!