Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cooper makes me laugh!

Okay, here is the deal...
Flint and Kacey FINALLY took some pictures of Arlee at 6 mo's, so I printed one to go on the wall going up the stairs (by Coopers pic) well I searched and hunted the valley over for the perfect frames and then hung the oh so cute picture of Arlee up. Well then I realized that the picture of Cooper was slightly OLD (it was his 3 year old picture and he is 5!) That is so unacceptable and embarrassing! Are you kidding me? My husband is a photographer!!! I can't believe that I have not replaced the picture in so many years.
So Flint and Kacey were working in the office and I go in and ask Flint if he would go outside and take a QUICK picture of Cooper for my wall. He rolled his eyes at me and said "Look at our last family pictures and see if there is one there you like" well obviously there wasn't or I would have printed IT! So I looked and I didn't want any of them for this I asked again. He finally agrees and then he goes and tells Cooper "come on Mom (I'm ALWAYS the jerk!) wants a picture of you to hang up by Arlee, lets just go take some pictures, I PROMISE it will be fast!" Well the weeping and whaling began! Flint looks at me and says "this is why we don't have a picture of him! He HATES it!" so they finally go outside and come back a few minutes later. Flint hands me the camera and says " Hope there is one in there that will work, I don't like to photograph HIM!" I say thank you and start to look through the pictures and this is what I see...

are you kidding me? I was laughing so hard but was so frustrated, ALL I wanted is one decent picture of my sweet and adorable 5 year old! ba ha!
Since neither Flint nor Cooper would cooperate with me I asked Kacey if she would take one for me. I bribed Cooper with a treat and this is what we got!

YEAH a picture of Cooper with a some-what normal look on his face!
Now to print it and hang him up!
(I really dont know if Flint or Kacey actually took this picture...thanks both of you)
You all need to feel sorry for Flints wonderful assistant Kacey. She has to put up with all the crazy ANTICS here at the Rogers house!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Labor Day - Haymore family reunion 2009

Apparently we only got our camera out for the pinata! Here are a few pictures. It was a fun reunion. Cooper loved playing with his cousins and Arlee loved having someone different holding her every second! I missed not having my parents there, it just wasn't the same! Flint loved getting to ride his 4-wheeler! Cooper cried when it was time to go home!

some of the gang!

Arlee and I...obviously I had slept in a tent and had not looked in a MIRROR!

Cooper hitting the pinata...alota good the blind fold is down around his NECK!

Hunter and Cooper! These two boys had a blast. I'm not sure who was dirtier or who ate more candy! I love that these two little boys like to play together! Hunter is my nephew Dagen's oldest son!

These are Arlee's 6 month pictures that I had printed for the house. It was so hard to decide! I am so in love with this girl!!!

ANOTHER subject change!
I LOVE this picture...there are just so many things wrong with it that it makes me laugh EVERY time!
She is sitting in her bumbo on the COUNTER swiggin DIET MT. DEW! I also love that her feet are on the jug too! PLEASE dont call CPS on me!haha