Thursday, June 26, 2008


...So I kept feeling funny, like the flu wouldn't go away...
I kept complaining to my friend Darcy, after a few weeks of my complaining, she said "Jan could you be pregnant?" I told her she was crazy.........but after her comment, I couldn't stop thinking about we did a test and much to our was POSITIVE!!!!!
Yes positive!
So we are having a BABY!

I have had two ultrasounds (the Dr. didn't believe it either) We saw our little gummy bear and everything is going great.
Today I went to the Dr. for my 12 week appt. and heard the heartbeat again, and I still don't really believe it! Flint and I are super excited and still in disbelief.

I've realized that we are not totally in control of our lives. The Lord has his hand in all things. Flint and I have accepted how we thought our lives would be and have gone forward living our lives, and just when we get comfortable with how things are going and life gets "easy" things change. We are here to learn and grow right? I've also re-learned that heavenly Father has a sense of humor!
We're having a baby!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Camping Trip...New Truck

I am so lame...all I ever blog about is our here we go again...

We went camping with Dale & Amanda and kids and Sam & Sarah and Will. It was a lot of fun. We camped between Mormon Lake (swamp hole) and Lake Mary (just outside of Flagstaff) It was super cold at night and pretty warm during the day! I was thankful for our camper.

We went kayaking on Lake Mary several times. Lets just say that I need some more practice rowing. I can go in a mean circle!!!

We had dinner at Black Barts in Flagstaff...this is where Aunt Sarah used to work.

This is our family self portrait at Black Barts! Cooper loves his picture taken. We told him to smile big and this is what we got!!! My Angel!

Cooper had tons of fun playing with Joy. Those two make me laugh...They loved the tree swing that Flint and Dale made. It made me nervous to watch how high Flint swung those kids. They also loved to ride their bikes down the hill going what seemed like 55 mph...luckily no one was injured...but the training wheels are almost all burned off!

We all had a great time at the Deer Farm (by Williams) It was hilarious how the deer would just try to eat your shirt if you didn't give them food. They also like to bite your rear or in Dales case he nearly lost a nipple!!! The kids LOVED it and we all had a good laugh. I learned that Flint is very scared of reindeer. This huge (fenced in) reindeer snorted at Flint and he jumped so fast he nearly fell down. I had a stomach ache from laughing so hard. (either from laughing or the smell I'm not sure which)

It was a great time, and nice to just relax and not have phone service for a few days...I wish I would have taken more pictures...

AFTER we got home, Flint decided that he NEEDED to buy a new truck. Actually he has been drooling and wishing for over a year...He finally found what he wanted. He has not stopped smiling YET! He is in love. (In case you couldn't tell by the picture)