Monday, October 13, 2008


So we are on our way home from church and I was trying to be a good mom, so I asked Cooper
"What did you learn in primary?"
He responds "i don't know"
I say "well what does your head band say?" ( he was wearing a headband that said "I can be HONEST")
He says "we learned about being honest"
I asked him "what does that mean?"
He says" we don't take things that aren't ours"
I say "what else did you learn?'
I could not believe that he actually had the nerve to say this to me!
I was floored!! I looked at Flint and he is laughing, shaking his head...
I didn't respond. I'm in so much trouble when he is a teenager!
I wanted to laugh so hard, but I was so shocked, seriously, where does he come up with these things?
He leaves me speechless...he amazes me...

So speaking of AMAZING...
Here is a picture of Cooper riding his bike without training wheels.
love that smile
Flint took them off on Saturday morning and he had bike riding down pat in just a few minutes. Well, all except the stopping, he thought that using parked cars on the side of the road was the best thing to use to stop him. Flint had to tell him the neighbors probably wouldn't think it was a good idea! His first big adventure was to ride to the LeSueurs house. (about 6 houses away) He made it all by himself! Becca told him that he was a professional bike rider, he believed her, and now tells everyone he is a 'professional no training wheel bike rider', do you wanna see? So he has shown everyone that has come over his new skill.

Here is Bryna and Tyler riding with him on Sunday. (Tyler really liked riding my pink bike.)
I missed getting a picture of Uncle Sam and Tyler riding my pink beach cruiser bike. I was laughing so hard watching them ride my bike...They looked so ridicules!
I'm sure that I look as ridicules as they do riding my bike, but I love my bike!!!
I love Cooper, my life would be so boring without him!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's about time...

Okay, so it has been awhile since I have last blogged. So I will play catch-up.
Cooper started pre-school at the elementary school. He goes three days a week and loves it. I love it! He thinks all the kids are great and wishes that it lasted longer. I am so amazed at what he has learned. He can write his name...I didn't say perfectly...(I'm afraid he has handwriting like Flint's) He can spell several colors and can tell you the 'Little Jack Horner sat in the corner...'nursery rhyme. He LOVES to color. This is so amazing to us, because last school year he hated crafts and coloring at pre-school. Now He will sit and color for a long time. He is almost a coloring freak. Here are some pictures of him on the 1st day of pre-school.

Why does he ALWAYS have to make weird faces when I try to take a picture?

Last Sunday was our Primary Program. We taught Cooper his part and he was all prepped and ready to say it...Well they put his class on little chairs up on the stand (in front of the permanent chairs) Just perfect to hang over the edge of the stand. Which he did when he wasn't standing ON his chair waving to us in the audience. I was mortified that it was my kid standing up there on his chair waving, mouthing HI MOM, HI DAD!!! I wanted to die! He did this many times during the longest hour of sacrament meeting of my life!!! I realized that the reason that he kept getting up on his chair was because he couldn't see us very good if he was sitting in his chair, lesson for me...sit where your child can see you or he WILL stand on his chair and embarrass you!!! He was so wiggly up there I wanted to DIE. He is my good little boy Right? So anyway he says his part, but before he says it he covers his eyes so he couldn't see the audience and says loudly into the microphone "Keep Still" the audience all laughs because the kid that keeps standing on his chair has the part...keep still. I told our Primary Pres. that shes not funny giving Cooper that part. I think she was hoping that maybe he would sit still! Didn't work!!!

Oh the best part...after his class finished their parts Cooper once again gets up on his chair and looks right at us and gives us two thumbs up! I ducked down I was so mad at his at this point I seriously wanted to cry.

We had a lesson on how we act in church last Sunday night.

Okay enough of the Cooper antics.

We are starting to get one of the extra bedrooms ready for our baby girl... I am so excited. I didn't realize there were so many choices. For Cooper (boys) we had three choices...sports, bugs or trucks...for girls, wow I was so overwhelmed with all the choices.
I didn't want to be limited to just pink or just pink and another color, so I found the bed skit and was a little worried that I would be stuck with pink and green, then I found this curtain and decided that it would be perfect. I love yellow and was so glad that I would work it here is a picture of Flint painting her room.

Here it is with the curtain and boarder up. (the coloring is more accurate on the 1st picture, but not really the true color either...I'm too lazy to fix the coloring...

We still have to finish the baseboards and the crown molding and of course accessorize it..

I'm so glad to have this project mostly done...Flint started his super busy wedding season from October to January and I wanted to have this done before I had to do it by myself, because I'm not good at this painting, nailing stuff...THANKS FLINT for all you have done, you are the bestest!!!I love you!