Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

We went to Sierra Vista for Christmas with Jan's family. Christmas Eve all the family there got together for dinner and a then a short program. Last time Cooper and Hunter were the angels, notice this year they were shepherds, probably more appropriate.

Christmas morning we opened presents with Jan's parents and Uncle Ron. Cooper wanted this game so badly when he saw it in the store.

The rest of Christmas Day was spent visiting families and seeing what everyone got, and all together again for Christmas dinner. We all had a wonderful Christmas and are so glad we got to spend it with family and we are so glad we made it home without Jan delivering on the Freeway!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Us again...

So last Sunday, I had to go to a youth fireside and when I came home, Flint and Cooper we putting up the Christmas Tree. They had started to put away the fall decorations and even did some dusting! I have the best husband and kid ever! Cooper is so excited for Christmas. He was so happy when I told him that he could get more then one present!

This is Flint at our 1st delivery and hospital orientation class. He was so excited to go! It really wasn't has bad as either of us thought. We were prepared for it to be like the scene in the movie "Baby Mama" we were almost disappointed. Our teacher was very normal and nice. I am a little freaked out at this whole labor thing! I'm a WIMP and I know it...its not gonna be pretty!

So the other morning I was putting my mascara on and I hear this click, click. So I turn around and my SWEET husband is standing about a foot away with his WIDE angle lens on his camera...I say ( a few words left out) "what are you doing?" he is laughing and says, "lets take some pictures of you" I say "You should never aim that camera at me with your super wide angle lens on...get away!" He couldn't understand why I was not going along with his plan...He tried to tell me it was just the last lens that he had used at his last shoot...Well I don't care, I am only 5 weeks away from delivery and don't think that he is very FUNNY! He thought he was so funny! I told him he could take two pictures and that was it, IF he took that lens OFF! So here is a picture of me at almost 35 weeks. (with a normal lens!)