Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good times

Cooper and his second cousin Rylee had what they called a "PIRATE PICNIC" in the backyard the other day. It consisted of water and gold fish crackers! We love it when our cousins come and stay with us. Cooper is always sad when his "cousin friends" have to go home!

This is what happens to Arlee's skirt when dad changes her. She ends up with things where they don't belong

We went to Thatcher for Big Bucks blessing. (Dale and Amanda's baby boy Eli.) I Failed to get the camera out on Sunday.
On Saturday we got to go on another ROGERS BROTHERS ADVENTURE. Sam's Family, Dale's Family and us went to the river and played...the kids all had a great time playing together! It is ALWAYS guaranteed to be a fun time when the brothers are never know what will happen!
Cooper, Joy and Lucy playing in the dirt.
Sam holding Will, Cooper, Flint and Joy in the river.
Look a WATER DOG--Cooper swimming in the River. It took a few minutes for him to get used to the river. He didn't like that he couldn't see the bottom. He is such a city boy!

LOOK 3 WATER BUFFALO!!! These SPECIAL BOYS (Dale, Sam and Flint) trying to see who can stick their stomachs out of the water the most! Something women would NEVER do! I'm not sure where they come up with these contests!
This is me walking Ivan the IV while I was waiting to have my gall bladder taken out!

This is Arlee with the handsome Cole Isaacson (Bryna and Tyler's Baby) This was taken on Fathers Day. Cole was 9 days old and Arlee is 5 months old. We LOVE having these guys here in Mesa with us and wish that they were going to be here longer!
Arlee went swimming for the first time today. She absolutely LOVED it! She had a great time. The most surprising thing was that she didn't even cry when Cooper would splash her. She is such a good baby. I can't believe that my baby is 5 months old! Flint is holding her...any guesses where she gets her WHITE skin????
Flint holding Arlee and Cooper swimming underwater.
Cooper loves to swim under water!
This had been a fun month of swim classes, hospital visits and fun time together as a family!

Friday, June 12, 2009

You never know... is my sad story! On Wednesday evening, I started feeling like a didn't feel so well, so I took 2 Advil and went to bed! At about 3am and 5 hours of rolling around in my bed, I woke up Flint and told him I couldn't take the pain anymore, so we decided to go to the ER. This is the 1st time at I have EVER been to the ER (hopefully the LAST) So here it is Friday afternoon and I am still in the HOSPITAL! They did a "procedure" where they went down my throat and got out some stones that were blocking my pancreas and who knows what else it was blocking... now I am WAITING to have my gallbladder out on Saturday morning. Did I say that I HATE the hospital, it is so boring. I feel fine and would much rather be home. I MISS my Arlee bug and Cooper. I am so in debt to Isaac and Jenny for watching our kids. You guys are GREAT! They came to stay at our house and I leave and go to the hospital!!! They told me that I can go home after the surgery on Saturday! YIPPEE!!! I cant wait! This is NOT the vacation that I was wanting!