Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm in LOVE!

I FINALLY got my wheat grinder! I LOVE it! I got it a few days ago and have been wanting to make bread since. I am so happy to be able to grind my OWN wheat. What good is a million pounds of wheat without an ELECTRIC grinder! (we have a hand one, but lets be real, it would take about a month to grind enough wheat for a batch of bread...not to mention the arm pain!) I am so excited. I love how it worked, so easy, and not a lot of parts like some that I have seen.
Cooper was so excited to help me. He even said "Mom, take a picture of me with our new wheat flour" He did decide that he did not like how the plain flour tasted!
Arlee was at my feet wanting to help also! (please excuse her was a Saturday morning for goodness sakes!)
It was Coopers job to pour in the wheat to be ground. He didn't like the sound that it made while it was grinding that is why he is making such a funny face!
AHHHHH the finished product!!!! YUMMY, and so good for you! I got this awesome recipe from a friend and tweaked it a little bit, so it is a little better for ya!!! It has wheat flour, flax seed, and oatmeal in it...with a little bit of wheat germ. ewwww! It doesn't sound very good, but it is so delicious! I will post the recipe if ya want!
Can you tell that Flint has worked all day today?
I have been so productive. It is busy wedding season, so I must entertain I made these!
The finished product!
And yes, I climbed up on a bar stool and put these blocks up there all by myself!!!

Had to try something NEW! I had this amazing salad at my nephews wedding luncheon and I LOVED it, so I begged for the recipe! I have been waiting for the perfect time to make it...
I had BUNKO at my house last week and tried it out on the "girls" Most really liked it, but some are picky butts and didn't even try it! Flint told me it is "a Relief Society salad if he has ever seen one!" I will definitely make this again. (sorry for no finished salad picture, I forgot!)
The BIG UGLY thing in the bottom left corner is JICAMA. I have NEVER had it before. It was crunchy and yummy!

Here is the recipe!
1 large jicama, pealed and diced
4 large diced Roma tomatoes
4 Avocados diced
1 bunch green onions diced
1 bunch cilantro chopped
4-5 fresh green chili diced (I used a can of diced green chili's)
4-5 chopped garlic buttons (used garlic in jar already diced)
1/4 C rice vinegar
1/2 C Canola oil
1 tbs chicken bouillon
juice of 1 lime
salt and pepper
pour over veggies and give it a good stir. It was SUPER YUMMY after it had marinated about an hour! It is a good recipe for my weight watcher is basically CORE! gotta love that.
It is a strange recipe (at least to me it was) but give it a try and try something NEW!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why my husband LOVES his job...

This is a video that Flint took at a wedding last weekend. I have watched it many times and still laugh every watch and enjoy. Be sure to watch it ALL so you can see what she does to Flint when she realizes she is be photographed. BAHA!
Just when you think you have seen it all...

I can only hope that that my legs will be as sexy as hers at her age...and that I can move like her!!! I wonder if Flint blushed when she did that to him??? probably NOT!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

October pictures...

Here are some pictures of us this past month!

This is Arlee reading "Mimi's Toes" while I was canning chicken!

I hate RAW chicken! I did about 20 lbs. It is sooo Yummy and so convenient!

Ahhh... the finished product!

Arlee in her high chair. I love the faces that she makes. She ALWAYS smiles when she sees the camera! How does she know to do that?

This is Madison and Arlee. They are 2nd cousins...I guess. She is my niece Marlees beautiful daughter. They came and hung out with us. We Love it when cousins come to see us!

PUMPKIN CARVIN!!! Flint had the patience to help Cooper carve a really cool spider on his pumpkin this year. Flint did an awesome carving this year on his pumpkin and I am such a loser that I didn't even take a picture of it!!! woops!

The scary spider!

All these years and I had NEVER made I decided to try! Can you say yummy! I had no idea that it was SO EASY! I added mango for MANGO SALSA to about half of the batch. It was awesome!

This is Arlee eating the mango seed. She LOVED it! She also made a horrible mess with it.

Cooper the Pirate "bones" and Arlee the lady bug!
Thank you to the Children's Place--I did not have to make costumes this year!!!

My little bug crawling on the floor. (really sweeping the floor!) I could not believe it. She left her hood on her head at trunk or treat and Halloween night. She is such a sweetie!

Friday night was our ward "TRUNK or TREAT" wow! Coopers bucket was completely full in like 20 minutes! I talked Wendy into coming and bringing her football players since both our husbands were working. It was a lot of fun!

Dale and Amanda were here on Halloween night, so Cooper got to go trick or treating with some of his Rogers cousins. He was SO EXCITED. Eli was Tigger, Joy was a beautiful mermaid and Lucy was a cute little cheerleader! Great times! Flint had a wedding on Halloween (who gets married on Halloween anyway??) so he missed out on all the festivities this year. He was pretty bummed.

Funniest Story of the MONTH!
So Cooper wins this little pumpkin at his school Halloween party. He told me that he wanted to draw a face on it. So I assume that he is going to get some markers and make a face...this is what he did...

no big deal right??? I look at it closer and asked him "what are those lines above his eyes?" Cooper looks at me like DUH and says "those are the lines in dads forehead!" I laughed so hard that I cried! soooo here is Flint giving me a MY WIFE is ridiculous look, so I could show you the lines that Cooper was talking about! Who know Cooper was so observant?!? HAHAHAHAHA
Here is Arlee in the "KITCHEN SHOWER" She loves the bath, and sometimes she gets in in the kitchen sink!
The LOVES the water to spray on her!

Sugar Cookies with Aunt Sarah! They were not as good as the ones SHE makes!!!