Monday, November 24, 2008

I have the best calling!!!

I love my calling as Mia Maids advisor! We have the best YW in our ward. They are always so much fun to be around.
I must say, I was a little disappointed ( a lot disappointed) when a year ago I got this calling, because I have had it before and DIDN'T like it at all. These girls make it so fun.

Last week for our activity we decided to watch a church movie and have s'mores in our backyard. We watched "The Award" It was so funny to me to watch this movie that was obviously made in the 80's. The girls laughed and laughed at their hair and clothes. I was am I ever OLD. This is how I used to dress in High School.
I cant believe I am closer to 40 then 30!!! Strange I don't feel this old (most days).

Here are some pics of the girls. We have 20 Mia Maids, but it was band concert practice night, so we only had about 10 girls. You can tell Cooper loves it when they come over. He thinks its a party for HIM.

Thanks Flint for putting up the screen and all the equipment for the movie and for your fire skills. The girls had a great time! AND no one junped in the pool!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
We are going to Thatcher for 2 days to have Thanksgiving with the Rogers at Isaac and Jenny's house. (Flint's brother) Cooper is excited to play with his cousins. We get the best of both worlds going to Thatcher, because we get to stay with my sister and see Flint's family too. We are sad we don't get to stay for the weekend, as Flint has weddings on Friday and Saturday...its okay, I gotta finish my shopping on Friday! I had a goal to have Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving, but it didn't happen.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today I went to the Dr. for my 30 week visit. He said all was going great. I found out that my glucose test was fine and so was my iron. extra iron pills and no SUGAR FREE FOR ME!!! just kidding I usually eat sugar free anyway, thanks to all my months at weight watchers. He said my weight gain was also good, I was glad to hear him say that! I would have been very depressed if he told me to not gain too much weight my last 10 weeks! I HAVE to have pie on Thanksgiving (several pieces) and treats at Christmas! I put a pound limit on myself though, so I don't get too out of control!
I am praying that I don't swell up like a stuffed pig the last few weeks! This is my BIGGEST fear! So far I have no swelling. Well except for my NOSE. At the rate my nose is growing, I'm gonna get stretch marks on it! I will have to have Flint take a picture of me at 30 weeks and post it, so ya'll can have a good laugh at my large nose! Whoever heard of a nose swelling anyway? I feel like it has grown more then my stomach has!

We also did a 3D about a little freaky. Here are some semi-disturbing photos and a video clip. I loved having the 3D thing done, but it was just a little strange to me. I just can't believe that there is a real human inside of me. I keep waiting to be woke up from this weird dream. Nope its real, I saw her today and feel her move all the time.
During the ultrasound, she would not move her foot away from her face, at one point, she had both feet on her forehead. She is Flint's daughter (part monkey), pretty sure I cant touch my foot to my forehead! She also opened one eye and her mouth, it looked so strange to me.
I can't wait to really get to see her and hold her!

Here is the video


It was more like Halloween WEEK, a party on Tuesday at school, Trunk or Treat on Wednesday, and finally trick or treating on Friday!

Cooper came home from pre-school with this spider hat, the funny glasses and the green tinted fangs! He thought he was so scarry looking!

The ghost and the pirate!!!
Cooper and Crew at the ward 'trunk or treat' party. They got so much candy so fast!

Cooper with his pumpkins on Halloween night!
He agreed with me that he had a TON of candy from the ward trunk or treat party and so he helped me pass out candy to all the neighborhood kids. He loved seeing and watching all the kids costumes. He only went trick or treating to the neighbors.
Cooper and I were a little sad on Halloween night because Flint had a WEDDING...who gets married on Halloween anyway??