Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yes, I am so far behind that I am going by months! I'm almost caught up!
Joy came and stayed a few days with us. It was a lot of FUN! Cooper and Joy play so well together and always have a great time!
We went to the new AQUARIUM in Tempe. The kids loved it! Coopers favorite was the sharks...of course!

Cooper and Joy in front of "NEMO"

We have spent most of the summer in our pool! Arlee LOVES the pool. She likes to stand on the edge and count to three and jump in! It is hilarious to watch her. She is a super good sport too! Cooper LOVES to tease and splash her and for the most part doesn't care!
In case you were wondering...YES she has her daddy wrapped around her finger! She is his princess!

Our little fish...Cooper. He is a great swimmer. This summer he has gotten so good at diving! Yes, he can dive and I cant! He also has learned strokes and is always correcting me. I guess I really don't know how to do the back stroke or the butterfly, or free style for that matter! Cooper does!

Little Miss Arlee Bug!

Cooper was assigned to give a talk in primary. So for his talk I spelled out the word HOLY GHOST and for each letter there was a little sentence. So on Sunday morning I tell hm to come down stairs and practice his talk...he comes down wearing his SPIDERMAN costume from TWO years ago! This is a picture of him practicing his talk. It is hard to listen and concentrate when he was wearing that costume! This kids cracks me up sometimes! I never know what he is going to say or do!

Arlee's messy face...she loves chocolate...I wonder who she gets that from?!?


Chris and Suzette said...

Your DARLING and they ALWAYS make me laugh . . .especially that funny Cooper boy.

Glad you are getting caught up, but fast forward to August . . .I want to see some baby Bingham eye candy :)

Chris and Suzette said...

P.S. I LOVE the lea of spelling out HOLY GHOST for a talk. That would have come in handy since 3 of my 4 kids all gave a talk on Miracles in primary this month (we've only been in our new ward 5 Sundays). It would have been helped them to not all have the dame talk :)